Gold Finger

Gold Finger
This pictures are referred to the model. The details of the body may change


For guitars, banjos, mandolins and ukeleles, position the GoldFinger anywhere on the headstock. The thumbscrew should be on the back side of the headstock. Make sure the GoldFinger doesn’t touch thestrings and doesn’t interfere with the tuners.

1 As a starting point, we recommend placing the GoldFinger as close to the nut as possible. But we definitely encourage you to experiment with other positions on the headstock to hear whether you can improve your tone even more.

2 Before tightening the thumbscrew, slide the GoldFinger far enough onto the headstock so that all three of the tiny brass contact pads are touching the top surface of the headstock. If only one or two are touching, the GoldFinger will not quite deliver its full tone potential.

3 Tighten the thumbscrew just enough to keep the GoldFinger from slipping. Beyond that, any unnecessary
further tightening will start deadening the beautiful overtones revealed by the Goldfinger.


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