Paoletti 3220B - Premium Instrument Cable 16.4 Ft

Paoletti 3220B - Premium Instrument Cable 16.4 Ft
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This cable, is manufactured in Tuscany Italy, out of premium components. Each one is done with a soldering tin coposed by 3% Silver, 57% Tin, 40% Lead. Each Cable has a Red Ring, which state the direction of the cable suggested by the company. It is all about the shielding of the outer conductor, to provide you a noisless sound. The Red ring on the 1/4" Jack, goes into the guitar.

All is packed, tested and assembled in Italy by the artisans at Paoletti Guitars.
Packaging and Strap Felts are made in Tuscany too by local suppliers.

Try the cable in many different eviornments will surprise you with the quality of shielding and quality of harmonics reproduced, from Low Bass to High frequencies.
Insulated conductors for lowest signal loss.

Suitable for: Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Studio Gear, Keyboards.


This product is part of Paoletti Distribution catalog - available worldwide.



    16.4 FT (5m)
  • AWG


    Tinned Copper

    EPDM - 6.65mm diameter

    Insulated conductors / Braided Shielding
  • JACK

    6.3 mm Jack 2x straight (MONO)

    High Density Copper / Braid Shield